Kaibosh Food Rescue

Kaibosh is New Zealand’s first food rescue organisation. The charity rescues quality surplus food from businesses, ensuring it reaches those who are struggling in Greater Wellington.

Food Donor Information Video

This educational video provides information for businesses interested in becoming Kaibosh food donors.

The Naenae Clubhouse

This video captures how Kaibosh food is making a real difference at the Naenae Clubhouse in Lower Hutt.

Save Animals From Exploitation

SAFE is a charity working to create a future that ensures the rights of animals. We collaborated to create a video for their campaign to ban pig farrowing crates.

Ombudsman New Zealand

The Ombudsman and their staff help New Zealanders in their dealings with government agencies. They handle complaints against government agencies, undertake investigations and inspections, and encourage good administration. We worked together to create a concise video explaining what the Ombudsman does.

Building Officials Institute of New Zealand

BOINZ is a non-profit that strives to raise the status and advance the interests of building surveyors. We collaborated to create a video to share why it’s important for people to hire a BOINZ Accredited Building Surveyor when buying or selling a house.

Mindful at Work

Mindful at Work helps businesses reduce the problems associated with the modern workplace: increasing pressure and stress, an always-on action-addicted culture, information overload and non-stop distractions. We worked together to create a video for their My Off Switch workplace programme.

The Better Adult Project

The Better Adult Project is a collection of videos for people in their twenties and thirties about how to navigate life as an adult. I have created over 40 videos for the project.

The Free Store

The Free Store redistribute quality, fresh surplus food from Wellington’s eateries directly to those in need of it. We worked together to capture the story of how the charity has changed one person’s life.